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30 June 2017

Final week of the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge by Adventures & Tea Parties

Wow, wow, wow! The last 9 days of the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge have been absolutely incredible and I now can't believe it's over, sob sob! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part, shared so many beautiful photos and spread the love about the challenge far and wide. I honestly did not imagine such a reaction. It has more than exceeded my expectations, which were simply that a few people might enjoy focusing on colour every day and well, as I couldn't find a colour challenge to do, I decided to make my own. 

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge by Adventures & Tea Parties

You know what though, I nearly bottled it when I was trying to create a graphic for it. I'm not a graphic designer and having only signed up to Photoshop 6 months prior to simple edit photos, the realisation that I quickly needed to learn how to use it for a basic graphic design felt like a huge mountain to climb and one that I wasn't equipped for. That may sound daft but for me it was like learning another language - flattening an image, what on earth does that mean? Fast forward a week full of a few "moments", calls and emails to friends, YouTube tutorials, late nights and the odd swear word and I managed to create a graphic advertising the challenge. 

Looking at the feed as I type this and seeing that there are just shy of 11k posts is breath-taking, so I'm very glad I persisted with the graphic and since that "moment" with  Photoshop, I became determined to learn more. So, this month I've been pushing myself to spend more time on Photoshop and with a bit of practice, I have managed to design my first ever enamel pin! If I hadn't started the challenge, then the pin wouldn't have happened and right now it should be winging it's way to me and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all because guess what? It's colour themed!

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge by Adventures & Tea Parties

Not only has the challenge improved my own skills and knowledge but I've made so many wonderful connections with fellow colour lovers, which has to be the best thing of all. And so I've been wondering, for those of you who took part, has the challenge helped you learn a new skill too or maybe make a new Insta friend? Maybe you got to know your camera better or finally delved into the world of Boomerang or got chatting to a fellow colour fan? I'd love to hear how you found it because I'm now thinking, should I run the challenge again at some point? Come tell me what you think on my Instagram page and thank you all again so much for taking part and making it such a fun, happy and magical experience!


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