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10 February 2017

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures and Tea Parties

Good stuff that happened this week....

- Chatted and laughed with friends via all forms of technology and noticed that I like to pull silly faces when using Facetime. I think that harks back to my childhood days of putting plays on for family and friends and trying my hardest to make them laugh.

- Watched lots of Starling murmurations dance past the studio window. I really want to go and watch their full acrobatic display at Ham Wall some time soon.

- The white hyacinth bloomed and filled the studio with refreshing scent all week

- I had some absolutely wonderful feedback from a customer

- Much creating and making happened as I designed some product protoypes, which involved using the drill, always satisfying.

- I booked some lovely social things into my diary

- Started creating my Look Lane shop - I'll shout when it's launched :)

- Listened to some good music and interviews on the radio, including these songs. Pop them on, it's Friday and that deserves some nice music.

Spitfire by Public Broadcasting Limited
9 #Strafford APTS by Bon Iver
I Heard Wonders by David Holmes
Everybody Come Down by The Delgados
Public Image by Public Image Limited
Ride On Time by Black Box

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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