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23 February 2016

Photographing tea cups and flowers

With the days starting to get lighter, I've been enjoying photographing later on in the afternoon. And on a particularly lovely afternoon, I decided to photograph two of my favourite things: vintage tea cups and flowers.
The pink tea cup I bought at Spitafields Market a long time ago in a different chapter of my life. The blue tea cup is part of a set I inherited from my Granny. They are both very dear to me.
The flowers are from one pink and one purple hyacinth, which is definitely a favourite flower of mine. They smell so refreshing and uplifting that they cannot fail to put a smile on your face and lighten up a room with their colour and scent!
I was impressed with how long the flowers lasted too, after I plucked them. A good 3 days at least! You could use this idea as a pretty table display for a tea party. It takes minimal effort and the effect is so pleasing to the senses!
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tea cup and hyacinths

tea cup and hyacinths

tea cup and hyacinths

tea cup and hyacinths


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