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7 February 2016

NEW Personalised Heart And Arrow Handkerchief!

I'm super excited to be introducing one of my new 2016 designs, the Personalised Heart and Arrow Handkerchief!

Made from 100% white cotton fabric, in one corner I have hand embroidered a cute heart and arrow. The heart can be personalised with up to three letters, making it a very special gift for Valentine's Day and you can get in time for next Sunday if you place your order before 5pm on Monday!

And it doesn't just stop there! If you head to my Etsy shop you can get 10% off this and any other handkerchiefs by using the coupon code: VALENTINES

This special discount expires on Sunday 14th February.

More new designs on the way, so stay tuned!

valentines hanky

valentines hanky

valentines hanky

valentines hanky


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