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27 July 2015

Adventures in the garden: Agapanthus

Grown in the ground or containers and reaching up to 60cm tall, Agapanthus are really easy to grow and they are absolute beauties!

I've inherited three from my Mum's garden. She dug them up, popped them in some tubs and kept them indoors over the winter. I left them in my porch over the spring, watering them every now and then, not really paying them much attention.

But, slowly, one by one, among the rather boring lot of green leaves, little buds started to appear and then the most glorious flowers shot up and bloomed. It has been really rather wonderful watching them gradually develop from this...

... to this...

I love how they appear to stand out from the crowd; their height really helping on this front. And the colour, well, it's like a magical sky in a fairy tale, contrasting against all the other shapes and colours in the garden. They are definitely a favourite and one I will grow again as they have hardly needed much help along the way. Oh and apparently they come in white and pink. I will have to track some of these down for next year.


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