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30 May 2017

Milestone : 1 year full time

Today I hit a milestone. It's my one year anniversary of working full time on my business, having quit the day job to focus 100% on Adventures & Tea Parties. I cannot believe it.

On the 15th May 2016 I was nervously awaiting the removal van to turn up in Leicester. My 3 1/2 years of living back in the city I went to university in and where I started growing my business, hadn't gone very well. In fact, I have very few happy memories of being there and it's safe to say that it was the worst period of my life to date. I'm not going to delve into the details because I don't feel the need to revisit that chapter any more and well, my life has changed significantly since then, for the better.

With my day job well and truly quit, the van packed and my little car dedicated to carrying everything related to Adventures & Tea Parties, on the 15th May I drove down the M5 heading on a one way journey to Somerset. I'd not slept a wink the night before, so I was keeping myself going on pure adrenalin. The drive down was, I kid you not, like a cheesy 80s movie as me and the car experienced every season imaginable beginning with torrential rain, a hail storm and arriving in the south west to roasting sunshine...it was fitting for the ending of one life chapter and the beginning of a new one. 

Photo of Somerset by Joanna Payne at Adventures & Tea Parties

But Patrick Swayze wasn't there to greet me when I arrived in Somerset, instead my Mum was and like the grown up 34 year old woman I was then, I burst into tears and collapsed with exhaustion for two solid weeks.

On the 30th May, I had dusted myself down and re-opened my online shops to officially begin working full time on my business. At first it was very strange. Not only could I not believe what I was doing but I didn't know how to manage it all. 

Until then I had been growing and working my business around a full time job and then latterly a part time job as I gradually reduced my hours to spend more time on my business. I had been working pretty much every evening and weekend to keep up. It was exhausting but I was used to it. 

Going full time on my business I thought would be a relatively easy transition compared to that but it wasn't. The cogs in my brain needed to be adjusted to a new routine but before I could even consider that, I fell straight into a summer of fire fighting to keep up. My sales went through the roof and I could barely manage them all. Delighted with the sales, having just given up a regular income, I was also confused as to why everything felt out of control and all I seemed to be doing was making shop orders and nothing else.

Adventures & Tea Parties creative blog and accessory brand

Some how I managed to gather myself, step back and look at how things could change to better manage being a full time business owner. Used to working a 9-5 day job, I decided to implement similar hours, giving myself a start time, lunch break, end time and also a cut off time for orders each day. As I am sure many other solo business owners will understand, it's not just about designing and making lovely orders, you have to do everything else yourself too; accounts, marketing, admin, stock management...the list goes on.

My working day turned into this:

8am - 9am: answer emails, schedule marketing for the day, print shop orders
9am - 12.30pm: make shop orders
12:30-1pm: lunch
1pm - 4pm: admin/finances/freelance work/creating new designs
4pm - 5pm: 1 hour walk via the Post Office
5pm onwards: FREE TIME
Weekends: FREE

That looks good seeing it written down and it was working well until I fell into the next trap - feeling the need to play catch up on work when life throws spanners at you and puts you behind on work. How do you manage that? I struggle as I feel like I must play catch up when a day doesn't go according to plan and recently, I've been doing just that because something rather rubbish happened (you don't need to hear my sob story, so let's just say it was a very large spanner!). As a result, my working routine went out the window and I've been doing 12 hour days to catch up from the time spent dealing with the spanner, which has now resulted in RSI in my elbow and one very exhausted me. I've also stopped going on my daily walks, which is not good. 

However, I've just about caught up after the large spanner incident but it's still something I need to get my head around. What do you do if you have to stop work suddenly to deal with an emergency? Should you allow for more leeway time to account for this, especially as you don't exactly have a colleague to pick up the work. It's a tough one but I'm working on it and I'm now looking at giving myself annual leave.

Adventures & Tea Parties' studio

The next issue I faced was working on my own and hardly seeing anyone all week. It can be flipping lonely working Monday - Friday on your own, especially moving to a county knowing only a few family members. I'm glad to say, however, that I've since met some wonderful people and feel far from lonely. I joined the Somerset Etsy Team for starters, which I've even become a team leader of! They're such a wonderful group who I meet regularly and who I can totally be my creative self with. It's so good to have a creative tribe! I've also made the best of friends with people I've met through Instagram who I chat to every day and see on a regular basis. I can't believe I'm saying it but Instagram is like a friend app equivalent of dating sites, only so much nicer, ha-ha! 

Somerset Etsy Team Meet Up photo by Adventures & Tea Parties

Looking back over the year, those were my biggest issues by a mile - finding a working routine, managing my work load and not working in isolation. My biggest achievements were expanding my product range, increasing my sales and finding my creative tribe. On a personal level I've been making small wins too in reducing my anxiety, growing my confidence and realising that you can start life over again.

It's safe to say that this year has definitely been a learning curve as I've tried to get to grips with being my own boss and managing my working week. I won't lie and say it's been a doddle because it hasn't but you know what, it's been a fun one and I'm really excited to see how year two goes.

To celebrate my one year anniversary and to say thank you for placing so many orders and encouraging me to keep doing what I'm doing, I've decided to give you all 15% off in my Etsy shop from today until Wednesday 7th June. The coupon code is: THANKYOUSOMUCH and it can be applied to anything in my shop, including personalised accessories.

Thank you so much for supporting me on my first year as a full time business woman, it's been a blast!

26 May 2017

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures & Tea Parties Instagram
How's your week been? Have you got lovely plans for the bank holiday weekend?

I didn't have a chance to write my weekly 'What's on the jukebox, Jo?' post last week because some horrid grown-up stuff had to be dealt with, on a Friday at 5pm as well, how unfair was that?! This week has been another stressful one, meaning I nearly didn't write again BUT the whole point of this Friday post is to look at the good stuff that happened in the week and celebrate the wins. It's oh so easy to let the negative overpower the good things, right? So, this is me saying NO to the negative shizzle and YES to positives! I'm hoping it will make me feel a bit better by the end of it.

Positive thing #1 / I shared the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram prompts and you lot went mad for them! You've showed so much excitement over the challenge that I now have no idea why I thought no one would join in, ha-ha! Thank you all so much, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Positive thing #2 / I wrote and shared blog posts on Colour Seekers, A day in the life of a brand and web designer, and 24 hours in Bristol.

Positive thing #3 / I helped run a Somerset Etsy Meet Up where we looked at product development. We did a bit of a show and tell before giving each other helpful feedback and I honestly found it so inspiring seeing everyone's creations. What an incredible, amazing bunch they are and I now can't wait for the next meet up!

Positive thing #4 / I learnt how to do something in Photoshop...after swearing at it for a bit first ;)

Positive thing #5 / I gave myself a bunch of freshly picked flowers from the garden and went on a glorious walk in the sunshine to celebrate finishing several mammoth jobs. 

Positive thing # 6 / I bought some extremely colourful tights. 

Positive thing # 7 /  I am super excited about seeing my bro, sister in-law and niece tonight!

Ok, now I feel a little bit better and I'm going to increase those positive vibes with 5 songs that give me happy flips in my tummy. I hope they do that for you too.

Sénégal Fast Food by Amadou & Mariam feat. Manu Chao
Master Of My Craft by Parquet Courts
Express Yourself by N.W.A
Let's Talk About It by White Denim
Presents Double Dutch.wmv by Malcolm McLaren

Have a wonderful weekend and hey, if you've had a bit of rubbish week, go and write down 7 good things that happened recently and pin them up on the wall or maybe write them in your bullet journal in bright colours. However you do it, go and be nice to yourself.

Happy Friday everyone!

25 May 2017

24 hours in Bristol

24 hours in Bristol blog post by Adventures & Tea Parties

Over on the Simple Stylish Makes blog I'm sharing 5 great things you can do if you only have 24 hours in Bristol! Pop on over here for a read, then get yourself to a colour lover's dream of a city!

21 May 2017

A day in the life of a brand & web designer

Woohoo, it's time for another Day in the Life feature and I'm absolutely delighted to be sharing a look see into the world of an incredible brand and web designer. I am currently working with this amazing girl boss on a whole new re-brand for Adventures & Tea Parties and my first ever website (woohoo!), so I have first hand experience of just how flippin' hard working and talented she is, like mega mega hard working and talented! So, if, like me, you'd like to know just how she manages to run her full time business alongside her full time job (seriously!) and discover what her working week is like, read on...

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

Hi there, I’m Cat, the creative force and face behind Twin Pines Creative, a design studio that provides contemporary design for both small creative businesses as well as your home. I launched Twin Pines in May 2015 as a design studio offering branding, but have since expanded to also design and build custom web sites using Squarespace and launched my own paper goods collection in December 2016. You’ll probably think I’m crazy but I do this all alongside my day job as a senior web designer at a clothing retailer. As you can probably tell already, I’m a bit of a workaholic, but I promise I do know how to switch off every now and then!

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

I studied advertising at university where I learnt a lot about people, how they tick and how to inspire them, as well as learning about idea generation and the theory behind graphic design. After a year or so in the advertising industry I knew my heart wasn’t truly in it and knew I needed to make some career changes. I then started paving my way in the design world and started a job working at Boots as a web designer where I was introduced into the world of user experience design and I found my calling. It’s been 7 years since then and although I’ve moved companies and had various different roles since then, I still keep the customer at the heart of everything I do and always aim to not only make sites look beautiful but also so simple and straight forward to use. It was in 2015 after doing a couple of branding jobs for friends and family I decided to actually turn this into a business and use the skills I’d learnt from the day job as well as everything I had taught myself in my quest to help small business owners and live my dream of being truly creative and leading concepts, rather than just following a brand template. 

I truly love what I do and love spending every day creating and designing and although weekdays are spent mostly at the day job, I usually work on Twin Pines in the evenings and at least one day over the weekend. Every now and then I also take time off in the week from the day job to work on Twin Pines to keep on top of everything.

I’m incredibly lucky to have a dedicated office space in the home I share with my husband, Darren, and 2 year old black Labrador, Ellie. If I’m working in the evening you can more often than not find me curled up on the sofa with both of them, laptop in hand. 

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

During the week I’m a pretty early riser after years of commuting over an hour to work so am usually up by 5.30/6am everyday but now I only live down the road from the day job I use this time to either have a slow morning, chat to the husband, have a decent breakfast or take the dog for a walk. If I’m at the day job I’ll usually be there around 8.30 but if I’m working on Twin Pines I’ll be in the office around 8am after the husband heads to work. My favourite weekday breakfast is scrambled egg on toast and usually involves fresh eggs from a local farm (mmm, now I’m feeling hungry again) with orange juice. I’m not really a fan of hot drinks so tend to stick with water or squash throughout the day and then treat myself at lunch with some cola to give me an energy boost when I’m usually at my most productive (creatively speaking that is).

I tend to start my day with some of the less creative work, planning and scheduling social posts, catching up on emails, going through my accounts and confirming my tasks for the day using my project management tool, Asana, as I’m usually pretty productive at this time of day but my creative juices just don’t flow until later in the day. I not only use Asana to manage specific projects with clients, I also use it to track a snapshot of everything Twin Pines related, whether that be enquiries from potential new clients, updating my Etsy site, ordering supplies or designing new products. 

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

I like to have a late-ish lunch around 1pm and if I’m in the zone, I’ll usually sort something quick so I don’t loose the momentum but if I’m struggling I’ll take a bit of time out to cook something like a jacket potato or pasta and have a play with the dog and recharge.

The afternoon, as I like to think of it, is when then magic happens. I’m always my most productive in the afternoon and early evening so always leave my design projects and client work until then. It really is my favourite time of the day. Most of the time I have films on in the background while I work and more often than not, watch at least 4 or 5 a day! If I find myself being distracted because the movie is just too good I then open up Spotify and listen to music. My current favourite right now has got to be The Smashing Pumpkins, Belle and Sebastian and Radiohead. I’m having a bit of an Alternative 90s phase right now! If I’m not working on client work, I can usually be found photographing my products or imagery for my site/social media as the light in my kitchen is best in the afternoon. 

I try to stop working or at least take a break around 6 as that’s not only when the husband gets home from work but is also dinner time for the littlest member of the Ings household and we can’t have her waiting for her dinner, otherwise there’s hell to pay (I’m talking about the dog by the way, not me!).

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

Because I have a day job and quite a heavy workload with Twin Pines I usually find I need to continue working in the evenings but always make sure I take time out to chat with the husband, play with the dog and have a decent meal.

Work wise I tend to continue working on what I’ve been working on during the afternoon which can be anything from finishing off wireframes for a site, building a website itself or finalising branding concepts. I then finish off the day with an email session, catching up with any new emails from the afternoon as well as sending out work to clients to review or giving them an update on their project. I’ll also spend a little bit of time in the evening packing the days online orders ready for the husband to take to the post office in the morning. Last but not least I then review my to do list and workflow, which is all tracked in Asana, so then at any point I can take a look at all my projects and know exactly what I need to do the next time I’m working on Twin Pines. I literally couldn’t function without Asana as it’s well known amongst my nearest and dearest that I have a memory like a sieve! 

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

As I’ve already mentioned I tend to spend at least one full day each weekend working on Twin Pines but always try to take a day off (or at least most of the day anyway) to spend time with my husband, the dog, friends and family, or continue working on the renovations of our home. It’s actually one of my aims this year to go on some more day trips and adventures so I can truly switch off from work. Next up is a day trip to London to see the Hockney exhibition. I’m also obsessed with movies, which if you’re a die hard fan of Back to the Future you’ll already know that by my business name. So, I can often be found at home on the sofa or in the cinema watching, lots and lots of movies.

Running your own business is incredibly hard work, which most people who do a 9-5 job just don’t understand. As I mention to most of my design clients, when you run a small business, you have to don so many hats. You have to not only do the part you love and why you started your business in the first place, but you’re also a social media manager, production manager, merchandiser, postman, accountant, amongst many, many other things. All while doing this largely on your own with no one else to chat to or bounce ideas off. 

Day in the life with Twin Pines by Adventures & Tea Parties

My biggest piece of advice is to surround yourself with lots of like minded people, as when I met the Hustle group last year organised by Rox Webster at StudioNL I truly learnt how valuable it can be to have a support network who can not only help you on a practical level but also on an emotional level. These guys keep me sane and always give me the reality check I need when I’m such a workaholic and perfectionist. All that being said it’s one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love working with small creative businesses and helping them on their journey by giving them a brand or website that they love and are proud of. I’m looking forward to growing Twin Pines and helping even more creative business both with design work but also in workshops and 1-2-1 sessions and a blog series.

Thank you so much, Cat, it's been truly wonderful hearing about your branding and web designing world. Keep up the incredible work!

I hope you've all enjoyed finding out what a day in the life of brand and web designer is like and don't forget to check out Cat's website, shop and social media links below. And you can catch up on more 'Day in the life' features here. Thanks for reading folks!


18 May 2017

Colour Seekers

Colour Seekers by Adventures & Tea Parties

Over on the Simple Stylish Makes blog today I've shared a post on colour seekers, which focuses on how to look for colour, finding colour inspiration, colour theory and a wonderful new colour group! Click to here to read the post in full and whilst I'm on the topic of colour, have you checked out my Instagram colour theme challenge, which starts on the 1st June? I'm so excited to start it!

17 May 2017

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge daily prompts

Thanks so much to everyone who has been sharing this challenge and showing so much enthusiasm for it already, I can't wait to get started on it now! 

As promised, here are the daily prompts, so that you can plan ahead or totally wing it, whichever is your preferred approach. I've also created a pdf planner, which you can download here and print out to make notes on.

The challenge begins on the 1st June and is open to absolutely everyone. You can either join me for the whole colour adventure or dip in and out; the main thing is to have fun discovering and appreciating colour.

When sharing your photos on Instagram simply add the hashtag #ColourMyEveryDay so that everyone taking part can see your beautiful photos and how you're interpreting the prompts and discovering colour. At the end of every day I will be sharing my four favourite photos, so don't forget to follow me on Instagram, so that you can see these too.

Some other lovely coloured themed hashtags you could also include throughout the challenge are these, which I've grouped together so that you can simply copy and paste them into your Instagram post. And don't forget, there are the American spellings of 'color' to use too, so lots of possibilities for sharing your photos!

#colorcolourlovers #colourpop #colourpopme #colourhunters #colourseekers #colourmehappy #colourlove #colourlover #colorcolourhunters #colorcolourseekers #colorcolour  #colorcolourmagic #colorcolourlove #acolorstory #myunicornlife #pursuepretty #incolourfulcompany #abmcolorfullife

I'm really looking forward to getting started and I hope you are too. Can't wait to see all your snaps!

14 May 2017

Blog Gem - Simple & Season

Yay, it's time for a Blog Gem interview! For those of you who are new to my blog, this series takes a look at the person behind the blog, what inspires them to blog, where they blog, the story behind their blog and some fun questions too. This month I'm over the moon that the blogger I'm sharing is the incredible lady behind Simple and Season. Kayte writes such a beautiful lifestyle blog all about simple living, with the most stunning photos! She also has some incredible tips on marketing, social media and photo styling. So, without further ado, lets dive on in to the interview....

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

Hello there, can you tell all of the Adventures & Tea Parties' readers a little bit about yourself?
Hello! I’m Kayte (pronounced Kate – the ‘y’ is silet). A relative blogging newbie, I’ve been writing about fitting simple living into a busy modern lifestyle since September 2016. I always dreamed of living in an old farmhouse with an orchard full of chickens, and a daily grind of baking scones, reading novels and taking long, languorous baths. I started Simple & Season as a way to inject a little bit of slowness into my fast-paced professional life.

However, come June that dream will become a little more of a reality. I am moving to a little town in Snowdonia, North Wales, and will be working as a freelancer and coach – providing wholesome marketing for soulful creatives. So maybe there won’t be an orchard, but there will be mountains and I can’t pretend that there won’t be any afternoon baths… ;)

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

Where do you blog? What is that space like?
At the moment I blog from the sofa, usually propped on cushions and wrapped in blankets like the Princess and the Pea. Our little terrace is very small and we don’t have a table, so it’s lap working only, usually with our Jack Russell, Baggins, trying to get on my lap too.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

If you had to take only one tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?
It’s got to be something with a large blade, hasn’t it? Something that can cut firewood, whittle spears and prepare food. Perhaps not the most imaginative answer, but definitely a practical one.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

How do you get inspired to blog? 
Inspiration never comes when I sit down to plan out that season’s content. In fact, I almost never write any of the post ideas I plan in advance. Inspiration usually comes from conversations I have with online friends, daydreams I have on dog walks or things I struggle with in my life that I think my readers might struggle with too.

I also have a seasonal theme on the blog that I try to loosely hang content around – Spring, for example, is ‘New’. I don’t stick to it too rigidly, but it gives me a starting point when faced with a blank page.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

What top tips would you give to anyone starting a blog?
My first tip would be to write what you’d want to read. Before I started Simple & Season I dabbled with another blog for a month or so, but I felt strangled by it. I was writing the content I thought “bloggers” were supposed to write, but it wasn’t even the sort of thing I would read. I was bored to tears writing the stuff, so no wonder I didn’t keep it up! That was my one rule when I started Simple & Season, that my content would be focused on being enjoyable to the reader, not just me writing about what I’d done. It’s also made it more enjoyable for me.

Secondly, I’d urge you not to wait until everything’s perfect. Blogging is such a steep learning curve, but you don’t improve unless you’re actually doing it. I look back at my earlier photos and can’t believe I ever published them online! But I do keep them up just as a record of the huge growth journey I’ve been on. But the point is, if I’d waited until I had the perfect post, I still wouldn’t have published anything else. You learn by doing, so you just have to take a deep breath and jump in.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

Is there a story behind the name, 'Simple and Season'?
When I first started the blog I was very inspired by lifestyle blogs with ‘something and something’ names: Me & Orla, Lobster & Swan, Seeds & Stitches. This naming trope is, I think, one that is common within the creative/simple community, so I wanted to emulate my role models as well as attract the right audience with the name.

I chose ‘simple’ and ‘season’ because, well, they’re pretty self-explanatory! The blog was about living simply and seasonally, unfortunately for ‘seasonal’ it had too many syllables so I had to drop the ‘-al’. Even though now my content is changing to include more about marketing a soulful business and social media, the name still works, which is a relief! It does go to show that a blog can take on a life of its own and the name needs to allow for that.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

If you could go to a Blog Award dinner with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) who would you choose?
This is a really difficult question for me, I’ve spent days thinking about it! I am intensely introverted (on my last Myers Briggs test I was 95% introvert), so tend not to really like situations where I’m surrounded by people I don’t know. But I realise this is just hypothetical and I probably shouldn’t take it so seriously!

I like to surround myself with witty, sassy women who aren’t afraid to belly laugh or stuff their faces with French fries.

The first seat would have to go to Sarah Ferguson (@sarah_louise_ferg on Instagram). She’s been my Insta bestie for the last six months, since my sub-100 follower days, and she’s been such an inspiration to my styling and Instagram growth. She lives up in Scotland, so a hypothetical dinner party might be our only chance to meet.

I’d invite Grace Dent because she seems like my kinda girl, witty, sharp and a total foodie. Whenever I’m London I love to read her restaurant reviews in the Evening Standard magazine; she writes like she’s already your hilarious best friend.

Seats three and four would go to Sara Tasker and Siobhan Watts. Both talented photographers and writers whose blogs I’ve followed since before I started mine. Both their personalities shine through everything they do and I know they’d add excellent conversation to the party.

Lastly, I’d bring along 1960s-era Doris Lessing. I read The Golden Notebook at university and found it such an eye-opening and engaging feminist parable – I think I might need to read it again at a later stag of life to fully understand it. I imagine Doris at that age being full of fire and ideas to really shake up the conversation and make us think.

Simple and Season blog gem interview Adventures and Tea Parties

And finally...if you had to choose one song to represent 'Simple & Season', what would it be and why? 
I was dreading this question! I’m quite weird in that I don’t listen to music (cue shocked gasps). When I was at uni I couldn’t study with it on and I just got out of the habit of listening to it, so I do tend to work and sit in silence! Music just isn’t a part of my life. To me, Simple & Season is more the sound of birdsong, a page turning, of a pot bubbling on the stove and footsteps in a silent wood. And, of course, of fingers tapping keys.

Thank you so much, Kayte. It's been an absolute pleasure hearing all about your blogging world and what inspires you to blog. I think your advice for anyone thinking of writing a blog, to just start, is spot on. There is no time like the present and you do truly learn as you go along; many other bloggers would definitely agree with you about that. Thanks again Kayte and do keep up the wonderful blogging!

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about Kayte's inspiring blogging world and are heading over to Simple & Season right now to read more! And for those of you that want to discover more inspiring bloggers, you can catch up on all my Blog Gem interviews here.

Thanks for reading!

12 May 2017

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Phew, is it Friday already? Where on earth did the week go?! Did you have a good one? What plans do you have this weekend?

This week was all about playing catch up on work and sleep for me as some rubbish stuff happened last week but things are a bit better now, thank goodness. Also, lovely stuff happened but it all got buried rather, so I'm going to focus on what those positive things were and round up with some happy tunes to end the working week on.

Positive thing #1 / A rather lovely customer sent me a review in the form of a beautiful photo of a personalised 2nd wedding anniversary traditional cotton themed gift she bought for her hubby. You can see the gorgeous pic here!

Positive thing #2 / My 'little treat myself' goody arrived from helloDODO. I got myself this and I LOVE IT! 

Positive thing #3 / On Wednesday I launched the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge and my word, I did not expect such a positive reaction to it! My phone did not stop beeping all day...and it still hasn't! I honestly thought just a few people would respond but your amazing interaction, comments and sharing of the challenge completely blew me away. Thank you so much!

Positive thing #4 / My latest design sample came back from the laser printers and I'm soooooo excited to share it with you! Make sure you're following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to be the first to hear AND the special launch party to go with it, woohoo! 

Positive thing #5 / Met some wonderful creative folk at the Made in Somerset Artisan Market and bought some flipping delicious cheese, which only just made it home with me because I just wanted to sink my teeth into it, ha-ha!

Now for five positive tunes to get this Friday evening started! 

All night disco party by Brakes
I'm so excited by The Pointer Sisters
Gimme All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top
Jackson 5 ABC [The Reflex Re√ision] 
Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

Turn these up and have a dance people and have yourself a marvellous weekend!

11 May 2017

Gardening jobs for May

Adventures & Tea Parties Gardening jobs for May

Over on the Simple Stylish Makes blog I'm sharing my latest monthly gardening post, which has tips on gardening jobs for May. Pop on over here, then get your wellies on and head outside for some green exercise! 

10 May 2017

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge

I've recently been hinting at a little project I've been working on and I can now reveal it, ta-da! Starting on the 1st June, I will be hosting an Instagram challenge to help you discover and appreciate colour every day. There will be daily prompts, which I'll be sharing here and on Instagram next week.
#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge by Adventures & Tea Parties
If you don't already know, I'm a huge fan of colour and love seeking it out to share on my Instagram grid. I also like the challenge of finding a colour that I might not usually be drawn towards to really make me look at and discover it in the most unusual of places. 

A few months back I was looking to take part in a colour inspired month long Instagram challenge but could I find one? No, I couldn't and then, a little seed formed in my head, why don't I create one! So, there you have it, I've created my first ever Instagram challenge and I'm so excited about it! 

If you're a fan of colour or know someone who is, feel free to share the above pic far and wide using the hashtag #ColourMyEveryDay. I'll be sharing a list of daily prompts next week, so make sure you're following me on Instagram to keep in the loop.

Chat soon my fellow colour seekers!

9 May 2017

Customer feedback

Adventures & Tea Parties personalised handkerchief

The lovely Amy from Lola's Little Palace shared this beautiful photo of her super special Adventures & Tea Parties' personalised handkerchief, which she bought for her hubby to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary with a traditional cotton themed gift. Isn't it just the prettiest photo!

I love seeing photos of your Adventures & Tea Parties' purchases, so do drop me a line with your pic and I'll feature it on the blog!

8 May 2017

Five minutes with hello DODO

Over on the Simple Stylish Makes blog I'm chatting with the fab duo behind hello DODO, who have the most fun, happy, colourful shop EVER. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS! Click here to read the interview, which shares what they love about designing and what they do when they're not creating awesome designs like this Gull Power patch!


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