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31 July 2015

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

What's been inspiring you this week? 

It's been the blues for me, especially John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, and Elmore James

30 July 2015

Three Social Media Tips

tips social media

Pinterest / Did you know you can move your Pinterest boards around? Simply left click on a board and drag it to wherever you would like it sit. This allows you to put similar boards next to each other. For example 'Kitchen accessories' could sit next to your 'Yummy recipes' board.

Twitter / Shorten your web links to give you more space to tweet with. There are a whole load of free websites out there for shortening URLs, including Google Shortener, TinyURL, Ow.ly and more!

Instagram / Find out how well your profile is doing through Iconosquare. This shows your average number of likes and gives you a good idea of when you should be posting.

Catch up on all my social media tips here.

29 July 2015

Three quick sewing tips

Here are three quick sewing tips:

1. Replace the needle on your sewing machine regularly to ensure it does not get blunt and ruin your fabric.

2. Wash all machine washable fabric before sewing. There's nothing worse than making a beautiful skirt only to see it shrink in the wash.

3. Clean your sewing machine on a regular basis to remove any dust bunnies. This helps avoid potential problems when sewing.

*Fancy a bit of sewing inspiration? Check out my Sewing Pinterest board!

27 July 2015

Adventures in the garden: Agapanthus

Grown in the ground or containers and reaching up to 60cm tall, Agapanthus are really easy to grow and they are absolute beauties!

I've inherited three from my Mum's garden. She dug them up, popped them in some tubs and kept them indoors over the winter. I left them in my porch over the spring, watering them every now and then, not really paying them much attention.

But, slowly, one by one, among the rather boring lot of green leaves, little buds started to appear and then the most glorious flowers shot up and bloomed. It has been really rather wonderful watching them gradually develop from this...

... to this...

I love how they appear to stand out from the crowd; their height really helping on this front. And the colour, well, it's like a magical sky in a fairy tale, contrasting against all the other shapes and colours in the garden. They are definitely a favourite and one I will grow again as they have hardly needed much help along the way. Oh and apparently they come in white and pink. I will have to track some of these down for next year.

26 July 2015

Styling my home: Dresser

This is definitely a never ending work in progress. 

Eclectic finds, which steadily join over time and migrate around my second hand dresser.

My knitted tea cosy and red tea pot, my egg cups and jars of spices.

A recent purchase: original Bakelite telephone.

My Granny's tea cups and my Mexican tiles.

 Kilner jars of dry food and animal bottle stoppers.

Colman's Mustard box, full of assortments and jars for tea candles.

Mum's bowl and slotted spoon, handmade by Eskimo Blue.

Fancy a look-see at my last few Styling My Home posts? Catch up here.

23 July 2015

Adventures in the garden: Beans and Tomatoes

Did you know the longest bean grown in the world was 130cm? Now that's one big bean!

I'm not sure I'll manage that but I can say that mine are zooming up and wrapping themselves around the bamboo canes. I love it how they do that.

From these little shoots a few months ago, they are now looking like this, with orange flowers to boot. That means the beans are-a-coming and, hopefully, there will be plenty to eat fresh, freeze and maybe pickle too.

Everybody has heard the fact that a tomato is in actual fact a fruit but did you know that there are more than 7500 tomato varieties grown around the world? Incredible!

I've never had much luck with tomatoes but I'm persisting again this year. I started a mixture of tomatoes from seed and they shot up in my little plastic greenhouse. Determined to have enough of a crop for one, I've planted the seedlings out into various pots and also directly into one of my veg plots. I'm watering and feeding them regularly in the hope that I will see a nice juicy fruit one day soon. Fingers and toes crossed!

If you have any tips or any thoughts at all about beans and tomatoes, I'd love to hear from you!

Oh and so that you know, gardening and growing plants is my form of yoga. It calms me like nothing else :-)

22 July 2015

Three Social Media Tips

tips social media

Pinterest / Did you know you can change the cover picture of a Pinterest board? Simply click on 'Edit' and then 'Change' next to the cover option.

Twitter / Want to know how well your latest tweet did? Go to the tweet and click on the little graph icon. This will show you many people have clicked on it, retweeted etc.

Instagram / It's good to share the love and like other pictures!.Use the hashtags to search for a topic of interest, such as #stationery or #sewing or #food, and see what other people have been posting and get liking/commenting!

21 July 2015

Adventures in the garden: Anemones

What is it about bright red flowers that makes them so appealing?

I've scattered hundreds of seeds all over my garden; some in pots and some in my flower border. Every day I see a new flower burst open and bring a dash of colour to the garden.

Today I have three anemones on show in this big terracotta pot; two red and one white, with dashes of pink. Aren't they just gorgeous!

Are you growing any anemones this year?

19 July 2015

Styling my home: Shells

A collection of shells in a letterpress drawer has to be one of my most favourite things in my home.
My Mum bought this for me from a guy who collects the shells, glues them carefully into the slots in the drawer and secures a piece of glass over the top to produce one of the most unique and beautiful displays I have ever seen.

It's currently sitting on top of the mantlepiece in my dining room, right in front of the table, so that I can admire it. I would actually like to rip this fireplace out and replace it with a log burning stove but that's definitely a job I need to save up for. One day, perhaps.

Next to the shells, I usually have some freshly picked flowers from the garden in one of my Granny's old jars. The jar is broken slightly and I seem to remember it held biscuits in. 

Further along is a little toy aeroplane, which is my Mum's. You can wind it up and it whizzes around in circles, doing little flips as it goes. It's really rather wonderful and I remember it from a very young age. 

At the other end are two pictures my brother drew. I love how characterful they are and every time I look at them, they make me smile.

Here are some more photos.....I got a bit carried away with the shells.

17 July 2015

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

This week I decided to turn the radio, record player and ipod off. 

Every now and then I have an urge to work quietly and peacefully, just hearing the tweet of the birds and the coming and goings of the world outside. 

One thing I have been doing however, is watching the Jimi Hendrix film, All Is By My Side. I've been watching it in short bursts, so as not to rush through it.

The film and Jimi has really inspired me, despite the criticisms it has received. It's left me with the need to find out more about him and what inspired him musically.

What's been inspiring you recently?

16 July 2015

Three Social Media Tips

tips social media

Twitter / You can schedule your tweets in advance using various apps, such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

Facebook / Did you know you can schedule your facebook page posts too? Simply start typing your post and under the 'Publish' drop down menu, choose 'Schedule' and away you go! You can also backdate posts too.

Instagram / Posted up an image you're now not so keen on? Some Instagram phone apps won't let you delete the posts. I did a bit of digging around and found that the 6tag Instagram app does, phew!


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