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29 March 2013

Shop sale!!

To say thank you and happy Easter to all of you lovely followers of Adventures and Tea Parties, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop this weekend only! You can get 15% of EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop until 6pm on Monday 1st April. Just enter the following coupon code at the check-out:


Happy shopping and happy Easter!

Jo :-) x

26 March 2013

My first press feature!

I absolutely squealed with delight when I saw Making magazine land on my doormat on Saturday, knowing what it contained within it's glorious creative pages...

....my first proper press feature!! The photos included are of my Mrs Teapot brooch and Vintage Style Typewriter necklace.

I'm still hopping around with excitement! It made my weekend :-) 

24 March 2013

New handkerchief initial styles

It's all about the handkerchiefs at Adventures and Tea Parties HQ these days. I'm working very hard to improve them and give my lovely customers more options for personalising their handkerchief to make it a unique and treasured piece.

Sooo, what have I been doing to improve these lovely ladies? 

Firstly, I've been trying out a new hem technique to give an even neater finish.

Secondly, I've expanded my personalised options. You can now choose from either 3 letters/initials, 1 large letter or a special date...

Thirdly, I'm now offering on my popular Love Heart Handkerchief, a choice of embroidery shades...

As ever, I love thoughts, comments and feedback, so it would be fab to hear what you all think. Is there anything else you would like to see?

Thanks loads,
Jo :-) x

23 March 2013

Wish list

One item for each day of the week please! :-)

From Beca Runs on Etsy

From Annika Likes on Etsy

From Coryographies on Etsy

From Roootreee on Etsy

From Metal et linnen on Etsy

From Floral Chic on Etsy

From RetrovertVintage on Etsy

21 March 2013

My first #Post Circle letter

Last week I received my first letter as part of the aweseome-ness that is Miss Beatrix's #Post Circle club. If you don't already know about this, head over here to check it out. 

I was soooooooooo excited when I came home to find a lovely, inviting letter waiting patiently for me. Before I had even put my bag down, kicked my shoes off and popped the kettle on, I had dived into the envelope to find the sweetest letter, written on the cutest paper. And not just that but some little treats as well! My lovely letter writer had researched my need for tea and craft and popped some in for me. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tonight I plan on writing my second letter as part of both Anna's #Post Circle and #Creatives Unite groups. The latter of which starts in 15 minutes, so I better go find some lovely paper, my favourite pen and get writing.

Happy Thursday everyone!
Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x

18 March 2013

Lets all go to the seaside!

It's time for an adventure, an adventure by the sea with my new range of nautical inspired hand embroidered brooches! All of these guys can be found in both my Etsy and Notonthehighstreet shops.

Each design has been created by my very own hand, carefully transferred on to cream calico and hand stitched using complimentary embroidery threads. On the back is a little pin to easily pop these guys in pride of place on your coat, top or bag. I think they would look particularly fetching on a stripey top!

Are there any other themes, creatures or objects you would like to see on my brooches?

Jo :-) x

17 March 2013

New handkerchief designs!

It's been a busy ol' weekend at Adventures & Tea Parties headquarters. With the arrival of some beautiful fabric this week, the needle and thread were out in full force this weekend. I can now reveal my new handkerchief designs, available in both my Etsy and Notonthehighstreet stores.

Not only was I sewing and embroidering but I was also photographing these lovely ladies. I decided to try a new display technique with my favourite teacup. What do you think? Does it work?

Ta ra,
Jo :-) x

16 March 2013

Fabric shopping

I love how social media can you hook you up to awesome shops with very little effort involved. The great world of the internet huh! Recently I came across the gorgeous shop Ellie Magpie and what-do-ya-know, she sells beautiful fabric and who just happens to be looking for some new material for my shop designs? Moi!

It's on my to-do list to add some new handkerchief designs to my shop. The fabric I had in mind involved pretty, light and spring type colours and patterns but, as I'm sure you can all relate to, the image you have doesn't always equate to what's out there. Well, when I opened the virtual door of Ellie Magpie's shop, that image was starring me right in the face!

Before you could say "fabric", a purchase was made and as quick as a jiff, it arrived. I was thoroughly impressed at the speed of delivery. Not only that it was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and well, the   fabric inside utterly divine! I cannot wait to start designing my new handkerchief range with it this weekend! Here's a sneaky peek...

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x

11 March 2013

Fabric covered lampshade tutorial

The other day my trusty little bedside lamp said enough is enough and down the shade fell. 

I tried to prop the shade back up but lamp was having none of it and so out came the first aid kit:

1) Fabric
2) Pinking shears
3) Chalk
4) Ruler
5) Glue

And so begins a tutorial on how to mend any sad lamp shades out there.

Step 1: Take your shade off your lamp and give it a quick clean...just a quick dust will do.

Step 2: Choose some particular lovely fabric that will cheer lampshade up.

Step 3: Iron the lovely fabric.

Step 4: Measure around the base of the shade to ensure the fabric is wide enough to cover the shade. Mark the start and end of this width, so that you know when to stop rolling...see next step.

Step 5: Carefully roll your shade along the fabric and at the same time chalk along the bottom of the shade. Make sure you roll your shade rather slowly, so that you get a neat chalk mark. When you've got to the end of your marked width (step 4), keep your hand on the shade and roll back, this time chalking along the top edge of the shade. If that doesn't make sense, click play below.

Step 6: You should now have a crescent shape. Take your ruler and draw a line joining the top and bottom edges at both ends of the crescent. 

Step 7: Using your pinking shears, cut around the crescent leaving a 2cm seam allowance.

Step 8: Glue around the edges of the fabric and stick down to the inside of your shade.

Step 9: When you get to the join along the middle of the shade. Glue one edge down on to the shade. With your second edge carefully fold the edge under, so that your pattern matches up and glue down.

Step 10: Before you glue the top edge, make 3-4 notches, then glue down. This will ensure your fabric lies flat inside the shade.

Step 11: Be patient and let the glue dry in a well ventilated place over night.

 Step 12: When dry, take your shade and...

...pop it on your lamp and ta-da, you have just made a fabric covered lampshade!

Pop lampshade back in her rightful place, then admire your handywork at making lampshade happy again! 

Would you like to see more tutorials? Check them out here. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm always happy to have a go at answering questions.

Ta ra for now,
Jo :-) x


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