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17 January 2012

15 January 2012

Lost in Lace exhibition @ BMAG

Back from an amazing weekend with one of my best buddies. It was one of those perfect girly weekends: LOTS of chatting, tea, cake, wine, shopping, visiting a gallery, gorgeous home made food, knitting talk and watching a film (Twilight!) in our pyjamas. Wonderful!

Rather than tell you about our new found screen candy (Robert Pattinson) or the colour of our pyjamas, I thought you might be interested to see some pics I took at the Lost in Lace exhibition, currently showing  at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. An amazing, inspiring and ground breaking exhibition. A completely fresh and modern approach to lace. I urge anyone with an interest in art and/or textiles to go have a look! It's on until the 19th Feb and it's FREE!

7 January 2012

Blog Gem - LA Limey

Hello folks and welcome to Blog Gems! This is my second Blog Gem interview, a monthly feature where I interview and showcase the face behind a creative and inspirational blogger. Without further ado, let me introduce you to James, the face behind LA Limey. Not only is he a wonderful friend from way back but he's also a damn amazing Comic Artist! Just look at this...I mean wowza, flipping incredible!!!

Hello LA Limey and welcome to Blog Gems! So tell us a little bit about yourself, who is the face behind the blog?

My name is James and I’m a 30 something currently living in North London.  I have many passions but I guess the one that I should be talking about here is Comics. Slightly embarrassingly I only really got in to comics about 3 years ago. Like so many others I never saw it as a true artistic expression until the day I opened the pages to ‘Kingdom Come’. The artwork by Alex Ross blew me away and I have been engrossed ever since.

What's your design space/studio/work area like? 
My work area is my living room. It has neutral d├ęcor and is very spacious.  I usually work sitting on my sofa with pad on lap. I sometimes attempt to use my desk but sadly this is currently moonlighting as a storage centre for crap I have yet to find a home for.

If you had to take only two of your crafting tools to a desert island, what would they be and why? 

An A3 pad of bristol board paper and a Muji 0.35mm black ink pen because that is the basis of what I currently use to create my comics. BUT, if I’m allowed to take any crafting tool I would like to use, then it will have to be a Cintiq HD drawing screen and a Mac computer because that would be awesome!

How do you work and/or get inspired? 
Inspiration is a tricky little thing. Listening to certain types of music does help inspire me but choosing the right music for the mood I want to express is key. I do find it can appear in a number of forms, but comes and goes as it pleases, so I try to make the most of those moments when I get them.

What top tips would you give to any novice bloggers and/or those thinking of selling/showing their designs/crafts to the world? 
I don’t think I’m qualified to give tips on blogging as I myself haven’t been doing it for that long but regarding those who are thinking of selling/showing their work, all I can say is to just get your work out there. Obviously the process of your craft gives great pleasure but it’s just as good a feeling letting it free into the world.

Is there a story behind the name LA Limey?
Soon after I decided to make my own comics, I quit my job and moved to Los Angeles for 6 months to follow my girlfriend. Whilst there I attempted to teach myself the craft of making comics. To do this, I began producing a blog in the form of a comic strip, to document my experiences there. As a Brit in LA I thusly created the pseudonym LA Limey and have kept it ever since.

If you could be given an award for your designs by any person/fictional character (dead or alive), who would it be? 
It would have to be either Michael Palin and/or Chris Ware. Michael because... well it’s Michael Palin. Chris Ware because as a character, designer and writer, to my mind, is unsurpassable.

And finally...book & tea or film & wine? 
Right now I would say book and tea... purely because at the time of writing is only 2pm. Having wine now would just be naughty.

Thanks James, it's great getting an insight into your creative world! I'm totally with you on music being an inspiration and the feeling of letting your work free into the world is utterly awesome! For those of you that want to keep in the loop on James' latest creations, you can also find him over on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more blog gems and until then, keeeep blogging! :-)

All three images used in this interview are copyright of James Evans. Please do not use without seeking permission first.

3 January 2012

Made it? Flaunt it!

To all those crafters and artists out there, check out this fab website where you can flaunt your creations. I entered my anchor purse and green sewing machine hoop art and they were accepted into this month's showcase, yay! I highly recommend entering. Not only is it free to enter next month's showcase but I instantly noticed an increase in traffic to my Etsy shop, which is great when you're just starting out. Oh and it's super easy to enter, so give it a go and good luck!

Adios amigos,

2 January 2012

Another great giveaway!

These mice are soooooooooo cute and you can even win one here! Cool eh!


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