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28 October 2012

Autumnal Sunday Morning

Mornin' everyone!

What with the clocks going back this weekend, I was literally up at the crack of dawn and what a dawn it was! It was literally a 'my oh my' moment, when I opened the curtains to this....

Using the extra hour as a magical bonus, I'm working my way through a to-do list. The list includes: making a lasagne, drafting my next Blog Gem (ooh!) and continuing knitting my first knitted dress. Have you got a nice Sunday planned?

Happy autumn!
Jo :-) x

25 October 2012

Lunch breaks in the city - Leadenhall Market

Hurrah, it's time for another 'Lunch break in the city' and this particular place I realised that, just through taking a few snaps, I really haven't given it much attention in all my 5 years working in the city. That's part of the reason why I started this series, to not only practice taking pictures but to also pay closer attention to all those beautiful little details we regularly walk on by. In fact, the key thing I've learnt so far is to LOOK UP! Yes, it's good to look at the ground for, er, dog mess or cracks in the pavement but when you slow down and look up every now and then, you'll be amazed at all the little details our ancestors left behind....

Did you know that this market dates back to the 14th century? Incredible hey!

I have a thing for lamps. This one I'm particularly fond of...

Can you see the hooks in these photos? These are the original meat hooks! Mmm, nice! Yep, this market was originally a meat, poultry and game market. In the 1300s, the manor Leadenhall was apparently a popular meeting place for poulterers, which is why I like the fact that one of the butchers in the market today is called 'Chop'd'! Keeping the tradition alive, sort of...

Later in the 1300s Leadenhall became popular with cheesemongers. Mmmm, cheese....

Camera and me couldn't quite capture this awesome window. It's on the next floor up and you can just make out two people sat at a table eating lunch. In actual fact there's a tapas restaurant up there and I bet this table by the window is booked up until Christmas! What an awesome spot to have some tapas! I wonder what this top floor space was used for before?

Oh, oh, oh! This is the ceiling in the centre of Leadenhall. Isn't it incredible! All those stars. It makes you feel like you're in a wonderland, looking up at a magical night sky...

Raa! Did you know that Leadenhall was used in the filming of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone? Cool eh! Apparently it was used as the location for the 'The Leaky Cauldron' and also the magic shopping street 'Diagon Alley'. I wonder how many Harry Potter fans know that?

I think the light wasn't too great for these shots of the beautiful clock. The colour was certainly more vibrant while I was there...

Here's the other window but looks like no one's home...

....if you made it to the end of this blog post, well done! Ha ha, yes, I couldn't stop taking photos! And that's not all of them! Really? Yes! Camera and I really enjoyed this particular lunch time jaunt! But I'm so pleased we went (yes, Camera's like a friend on my lunch break adventures!), as it's been on my list for err, a "few" years! Is there somewhere you keep meaning to go have a look at, whether it be on a lunch break or maybe a day trip? I'd love to know!

21 October 2012

Juliet the balcony

This is our "garden", otherwise know as Juliet the balcony, ha ha! As you can see, I've crammed as many plants into our little space as possible and we can still get a chair out there. A chair for one I must add.

I really enjoyed those sunny weekend days, sat on the chair for one, surrounded by the luscious sights and smells of these happy plants, with an obligatory cup of tea and my knitting or embroidery. Now that it's too windy and wet for that, I'm remembering it fondly. It was very simple, peaceful and utterly relaxing.

With autumn apon us I'm now enjoying snuggling up inside with my knitting, looking out at my planty friends and also watching the trees turn into beautiful autumnal shades. I'm also enjoying (a little more than I should possibly admit, shush!) purposefully stepping on a crispy leaf and hearing it go CRRRRUNCH!

Are you remembering a nice moment of the summer or embracing the change in season? Or maybe both?

15 October 2012

Lunch breaks in the city - Spitafields Market

Ok, I can finally reveal my most favourite place to go on my lunch breaks in the city....Spitafields Market! I have a love-hate relationship with this market. I love having it so close to work that I can spend nearly a whole hour mooching around but I hate what it does to my wallet! ;-)  I can ALWAYS find something to buy. In fact, I had a period a little while back where I had to ban myself from going. Yes, it got that bad! Anyway, I managed to reign myself in and can actually just look without spending now. Do you have somewhere you love to hang out? I'd love to hear where!

Here are the snaps I took on a lovely sunny day a good for weeks ago now....

On the approach to the market is this goat on some boxes. Cool eh!

I could spend hours looking at this old style shop outside Spitafields...

Trying to practice some fancy camera shots. I know what I was going for but not sure I've really got it. Anyhoo, these fancy shops surround the gem of the market inside.

This is actually a fig...it sits with a pear but the pear and the camera didn't get on that day. There's no pleasing some people! 

A pigeon for company...

Finally, inside the market!

I hope you like this week's' Lunch break in the city'! I would love to hear of special places you go to get away from it all. Do you have a favourite where you can literally feel all your troubles float away?


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