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28 August 2012

Lunch breaks in the city - Up North!

This post sees me take a trip out of the city to the beautiful counties of Derbyshire and Leicestershire. It was almost like a work day, setting off at the normal un-godly hour to get the commuter train into town but instead of taking the "drain" into the hussle and bussle of the city, I jumped on a train from the stunning St Pancras station up to Derbyshire. Before I knew it I was driving up to Stanage (the very border between Derbyshire and Sheffield) with my Mum and bro.

A pretty stunning place, great for rock climbing and walking. Mum and I took a long walk across the cliff tops of Stanage, while my bro tackled some impressive climbs. Here are a few snaps from the tops of Stanage Edge overlooking the beautiful Peak District.

Hello! I see you have no problem posing for the camera!

We saw a couple of these furry characters...

I've never come across these before. They're watering holes, so that animals aren't without water throughout the dry months. Cool eh!

On Friday my adventure took me down to Leicester to meet friends for the fab festival - Summer Sundae. Here are a few snaps. Standout bands - Deertick, King Charles, Death in Vegas, Bowerbirds and  Billy Bragg. And now I have the festival blues! :-(


King Charles...

Billy Bragg...

A ska band...sorry can't remember the name but they were awesome!

Me showing the kids how to dance! ;-)

Lunch breaks in the city will see a return to the actual city very soon. Stay tuned!


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