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8 November 2011

30 new things - No.16, 17 & 18

Ok, so it's a little close to the wire with 30 new things. In fact I have 15, yes 15, new things to do and I've got exactly 4 days and a matter of hours left. Eeek! Why have I left it so late? Well, I do have a good reason. I've been ill for over a week and I'm still recovering :-( . BUT! I won't be defeated!

Right, lets think about this. Have I done anything new whilst being ill? Yes! I watched the entire series 3 of Black Books in one sitting. Well, lets face it, I wasn't going to be watching Jeremy Kyle while off work, Gok Wan perhaps, not Jeremy!!

Ooh I have another one, I contacted one of my favourite bloggers, Hiphopsideproject. This is another new one for me. Yay!

One more, even if this is scraping the bottom of the barrel! I just learnt a new fact. Did you know that the dot above the letter "i" is called a tittle? I honestly never knew that!

Ok, lets chalk these beauties up!

Stay tuned for my mad dash to complete 30 new things before the 13th November!
Adios Amigos,


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