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26 September 2011


Now that Tina's settling my nerves, I have to tell you right away about a very cool workshop I headed to last Saturday. No, no, don't click away. This wasn't some powerpoint-suit-infested-matches-holding-the-eyelids-up workshop. This was a FREE (including tea and croissants!) D.I.Y Xmas gift workshop run by the lovely people over at Duckie. The whole idea to the workshop was to introduce the Duckie Xmas Market, get advice/tips/suggestions on designing and selling home-made arts and crafts, and of course to meet people in the same hand-made business boat. And that's exactly what it did!

I met some incredibly talented and super lovely designers, plus got some much needed advice. Came away with a pocket full of business cards and a clear head, full of where me and my designs are going next! On that note, cue my latest design - the retro red telephone - but not quite as you've seen her before. She's now framed!

And she doesn't half like posing for the camera! Click here to see more!

Adios amigos!
Jo x

Wish me luck!!!

AHHHHHHHH, I've just applied for my first market stall as 'Harry and LeeLee'!!! Don't find out for exactly 21 days as to whether I've been successful or not. Now I've got that strange bundle of nerves and excitement. Might have to put some Tina on to distract me!......................Ahh, that's better, shoulders and head are doing all the dance moves whilst I type....and now my eyes are getting distracted by the possibility of cutting some very 'cool' moves on my very own dance floor - the kitchen!

Adios amigos!
Jo x

23 September 2011

Brrrring brring...

Hey everyone,

As promised from the sneak preview I gave earlier in the week, here's the red telephone in all its glory!

Yep, it's my latest hand embroidered purse design, which is now available in my etsy shop. For those of you that like retro telephones (anyone, anyone, bueller?*), this little cutey will be featuring in my new range of designs (completely un-purse related!), which will be in the shop window very soon! Exciting stuff!

Adios amigos,
Jo x

* Sorry to those of you who don't understand that quote. As punishment you must now go and find the film (someone near you should own this) 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and watch it ;-)

21 September 2011

Daddy mouse alert!

These mice are getting weirder and weirder!!

I mean it's enough of a shock when one shoots out from the basement and especially when we're on the hunt for a particularly characterful pirate mouse as blogged about on Sunday:

Just think about, the day I see this bad girl gang leader there won't be a chair higher enough in the flat to jump on but just imagine something bigger, more scary, dare I say it - more characterful! Ouch!

Oh jeez it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it! I'm nearly running for the hills already!

I know, I know, you're probably thinking I'm referring to pirate mouse's ultimate mighty leader because there's always one right? You're thinking that there's only one godfather of mouse world - Mr Rat Father.

Ewww, several hills with ten chairs piled on top wouldn't be higher enough for me if Ratty came along!

But no! I'm not referring to Daddy Rat, I'm actually referring to the latest furry-creature-wanted-poster put through the letter box the other day.

Brace yourselves for it, it's VERY VERY SCARY! In fact, Mount Everest with a castle and 50 bar stalls piled on top wouldn't be higher enough for me.

Are you ready?


Well take a look below at this frightening furry creature


Look at it, it's like some mutant human mouse rat right out of some early 80s sci-fi film. But even worse, not only has it got glasses and a very cool t-shirt, but it's even got a bloomin' beard!!!! Also, not to mention the high quality photo, it's clearly a professional. This is too much! How on earth do I protect my cupboards full of lovely food, let alone the precious cheese, beer and midnight rounds of toast?!?! Help!!!!!!!!!!

20 September 2011

Hey people,

Thought I'd share with you all a little something I'm working on at the moment but I'm not going to spill the beans as to what this hand embroidered red telephone is a part of. Should have this up in my shop tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Adios Amigos,
Jo x

18 September 2011


Help! We're fighting an invasion!! An invasion of mice! Several have been spotted and who knows how many have taken the lovely 'tasty' bait but the one mouse we're really after is the gang leader. She's quite distinctive being a pirate mouse but if you see her, let me know! I've posted a picture so that you know what to look for.

Adios Amigos!
Jo x

13 September 2011


A possible new addiction just walked into my life.....ummm....ok, so there was a new tasty cheese that walked into my mouth the weekend before BUT this is kinda cheese related......SOCKS! Socks? Yep, socks!

My lovely friend Ruth and I knitted (and talked, trust me you can't knit in silence!) our way through a sock knitting course at Nest on Saturday. Rather than tell you all the knits, purls and slip slip knits of a sock knitting pattern, I think the sock should do the show and tell:

A finished article such as this must be tried on right?

[Jo attempts her big toe, no luck]


I know! The infamous (and what better way to introduce him!) Harry could try it on!

Maybe from a different angle Harry?

Ok, so maybe it's a bit small but it's still a sock right! In fact, this is how small it actually is:

So, there you go, my first mini sock! I'm hoping the next sock or rather pair of socks (don't want the left foot getting cold now!) will fit either me or Harry! Actually, Ruth and I came up with a plan for our next pair, inspired by the sock course teaching assistant who's making some X-Factor socks. We're going to make our very own Strictly (Come Dancing) Socks! We're hunting down some fun patterns and yarn, then whilst Jason gets down on the dance floor we're going to getting knitting some socks glamorous enough to go with our dancing shoes! I'll post some photographic updates over the next few months, so check back soon! 

Adios amigos!
Jo (and now grumpy model, Harry), x

8 September 2011

In prep for going to the fab North London Vintage market last Saturday we, yep, went to a late night vintage craft fair on the Friday at The Haberdashery. No one ever said you could have too much vintage in less than 12 hours hey?! We literally went just to have a poke around,  however we accidentally came home with this:

I'm not quite sure how it happened.....alright, I am and I'm proud of it! ;-) A framed chalk board! Everyone needs one right?! Just think of the things you can write on it! Aside from the obvious writing lists (well if you're an incessant list writer like myself!) but also...reminders....notes....poetry to your loved one.....quotes.....jokes......drawings......ummm....the day's breakfast, lunch and dinner menu (to give home that gastropub feel!).....ummm......a brain storming session?......a doodling session?.......a colouring-the-whole-chalk-board session? Ok, ok, I'm out of ideas...for now! And before I say adios amigos, one thing to note about a chalk board: it requires CHALK! Yep, we couldn't believe it when we discovered we had NO chalk in the flat and neither of us have purchased any yet. Scandalous I know!! Ok, operation Friday - BUY CHALK! Better chalk that reminder up....doh! [Jo returns back to the computer]

Adios amigos!

6 September 2011

My first blog!


This is my first post and what better way to feel at home than by the smell of home cooked bread...well, if this was smell-a-blog then right now you'd get that lovely comforting smell of bread. So, instead a picture will have to suffice! ;-) I cannot claim credit for this actual loaf. It is made by the hand of my other half - Mike - and like this post being my first, this was his first loaf! And a mighty tasty loaf it was too!

Anyway, moving on, as this blog isn't going to be entirely devoted to the art of bread! Bread will certainly be on the menu but so will my more crafty side - sewing, knitting, embroidering, screen printing, sketching and other new crafts I start to learn along the way. Any new craft suppliers, shops, markets, fairs, events, competitions I discover will be posted up as soon as I discover them, as well as new projects I'm working on and no doubt some random bits chucked in for good measure!

I hope this blog brings a bit of crafty inspiration and some giggles along the way!

Enjoy! Jo x


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