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9 December 2016

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures & Tea Parties blog

Oh my, time has flown by this week, with a chunk of it being gobbled up by technical problems, boo! But good things have happened too, most of which I can't reveal right now, mwahahaha. Due to time running away from me, I'm just going to dive on in and share some tunes that stood out for me in the studio this week and they require your dancing shoes. So, go grab them, or your slippers will do, and get dancing for the weekend is here, hurrah!

Cool Jerk by The Capitols
Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry
Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
Big Ten Inch by Bull Moose Jackson
Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones
River Deep Mountain High by Tina & Ike Turner

Happy Friday everyone!

7 December 2016

Christmas post dates

To ensure you receive your Adventures & Tea Parties goodies for Christmas day here's a reminder of the last dates you can place your order in my Etsy and NOTHS shops.

2 December 2016

What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures & Tea Parties behind the scenes

I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet. Highlights of the week have included taking part in Joanne Hawker's #MeetTheMakerWeek Instagram challenge in which small business owners tell their story through words and behind the scenes pics. You can catch up on all my photos over on my Instagram feed. Other highlights have been launching the new Personalised Dog Lovers Gift Set in my Etsy and NOTHS shops (you can read more about this design over here), taking part in a great Creative Bloggers weekly Twitter chat on small businesses, supporting the Just A Card campaign and receiving all the lovely cards and gifts I bought last weekend from awesome indie businesses for Christmas. I've been sharing photos of these in my Instagram Stories feed, so do pop over and have a look.

Keep me going this week through shop orders and everything that goes with running a small business on my tod, has been these shows and songs:

Adam Buxton's podcast interview with Louis Theroux
The Blogtacular podcast interview with the hilarious comedy duo, Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn
Just A Minute
Two Little Doodle Bugs by Arthur Askey
Since You Were Not Mine by She Drew The Gun

Pop them on, have a listen and laugh and enjoy your weekend, folks!

1 December 2016

Personalised Dog Lovers Gift Set

Adventures & Tea Parties Personalised Dog Lovers Gift Set

I'm super duper excited to share the latest new design to hit my Etsy and NOTHS shops, the Personalised Dog Lovers Gift Set!

This special matching gift set is designed especially for dog owners and their dog and each part of it can be personalised. It includes a personalised neckerchief for your dog and a matching personalised handkerchief and a bow tie necklace, which has a cute personalised silver plated letter charm in one corner.

Adventures & Tea Parties Personalised Necklace

It's made from beautiful 100% medium weight cotton fabric in a complimentary mustard yellow dog themed print and soft grey polka dot and comes wrapped in an Adventures & Tea Parties box.

Adventures & Tea Parties Personalised Hanky

The handkerchief and neckerchief personalisation is embroidered entirely by hand and the medium weight cotton fabric has been carefully selected so that it stands the test of time (and vigorous walks in the countryside!) and is super kind on your skin and your dog's coat.

I have many more new designs being worked on right now, so don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest Adventures & Tea Parties news!

28 November 2016

Just A Card Campaign

Just A Card Campaign
Just A Card

I'm sharing this Just A Card campaign today because as a small business owner this rings true with me everyday I get up and work my socks off to bring new, refreshing and unique designs that you can't get from those big chain stores. This quote in particular shared on Just A Card brings both tears to my eyes and makes me mad that this happens:

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

It's true. If all of us put our money where our mouth is and just bought something from all those incredible independent, small businesses and galleries out there, then not only would those businesses survive but we could all continue to live in an inspiring world full of one off inspiring drawings / beautiful creations / stunning works of art and prints / totally unique personalised gifts / rib tickling hand drawn cards / gorgeous handmade accessories and jewellery / hand thrown plates, bowls and mugs / pretty knitted hats and scarves....the list goes on. 

Don't let those jaw dropping, one off creations, which make you smile and your heart burst with admiration and joy disappear. Go and support them. First stop, go and sign and share the Just A Card campaign. It's really easy to do but if you're unsure how to sign, then check out Kate Marsden's step-by-step guide. Second stop, all those indie businesses you follow and whose designs you heart on a daily basis, go and pop something of theirs in your basket, whether it's online or in your favourite bricks and mortar shop or gallery. Let's keep this world a happy, inspiring place.

Thanks folks!

27 November 2016



This week I am taking part in Joanne Hawker's #MeetTheMakerWeek over on Instagram. This is a photo challenge to help us small business owners tell our story. I took part in Joanne's #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge this year, which was fantastic and really got me thinking about what I actually do. So, I'm really excited to give this new challenge a go!

If you're interested to see my photo challenge pics and hear more about me and my small business story, head over to my Instagram page to follow along.

And if you'd like to take part too, you can find out all about the challenge here and also pick up Joanne's fab free planner, which helps you work out your photos and what useful hashtags you can use to get your photos found by other makers.

Hope to see you over there joining in the photo fun!


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